Pharmacy Rx One reviews

Who We Are?

Pharmacy RX One is a licensed medical center that has been operating a brick and mortar location for over six years. We have a sterling reputation in our field. We are now shipping pills to various locations because we want customers to be able to take advantage of our lower prices.

What We Provide

It can be embarrassing or expensive to see a doctor for various medical conditions. We provide pills without a prescription at an affordable price. We have pills for erectile dysfunction, depression, anxiety, and blood pressure as well as for pain relief and weight loss. Our drugs are not considered narcotics, and therefore, there are no restrictions or laws against purchasing our pills.

While we don’t require a prescription, we recommend that anyone who orders pills from us should have a doctor’s approval. For example, if you are taking an anti-acidity pill that your doctor prescribed, you can have refills delivered from us to your home. You’ll know how often and the dosage because you’ve already seen your physician.

Generic Drugs

The reason we can offer a lower price than other pharmacy options is that we sell generic pills, which cost less than the name brands. Generic pills have the same ingredients as the brand name products. We also sell name brands, but we don’t spend our money on marketing or taxes, so we’re able to pass our savings on to our customers.


When you order pills from us, we’re extremely discreet. The package delivered to your home will be a plain envelope with your name and shipping address. The charge on your credit card will not name the drug you have purchased from us. We want to protect your privacy as much as possible. It will be listed with a vague description instead. You’ll never receive marketing phone calls or emails from our company. We will never sell or share your information with a third party.


There are two ways we can ship your pills directly to your home. You can use Registered Air Mail or Express Mail Service. After you have placed your order, a customer service representative will call to verify your order. The order will be processed within 48 hours of the order verification. With EMS delivery, you’ll be given a tracking number four days after shipping. It can take up to 10 days to deliver your package to your doorstep. Registered Air Mail Delivery can take up to 21 days. The tracking number goes into effect only to confirm delivery for us. We use it to ensure you have your order.

Refunds, Returns, and Cancellations

At Pharmacy RX One, we cannot accept medications for a refund or exchange. The FDA regulations require that we do not allow pills to be returned. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re ordering the right pills and providing us with the correct delivery address.

To cancel your order, you have to send us a message and provide us a reason for cancellation. You can call us as well. You can only cancel the order before it’s been approved or shipped.

6 thoughts on “Pharmacy Rx One reviews

  1. Rich

    On my 6th time ordering keeps getting deleted
    Can’t tell me why
    My uncle gets their products all the time with no problem
    I have used product it’s great
    Customer service blows

    1. admin Post author

      Hello. Think it was mistake. Please order ones again. Thanks

    1. admin Post author

      Its shipped regard your location

    2. Nick

      I received my order, it was shipped from India, and manufactured in India, my question are these safe to take

      1. admin Post author

        Hello. All our products manufactured in India. It is safe. You should know that 90% of all medication is manufacturing in India. The difference is the price. One fabric makes the same pills Brand “Name” price 100$ and makes Generic “Name” price 20$. We sell only Generic Tabs. To buy original Brand pills you should visit the official brand store. Thanks


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