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Pharmacy Rx One: Your Doctor Online

Pharmacy RX One ( is one of the largest pharmacies that offer a wide of range medical products in different fields: Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Youth & Adolescents, Kids Corner, Healthy Living, and Geriatrics… (The most popular products are the ED group.) Those names of the website sections are available online and you can see all categories on the left sidebar. All these sections are consolidated into the Health Center so that it can be easier for you to browse through categories.

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What Services Does Pharmacy Rx One Provide To Their Customers?

  • Customers can be provided with such services as:
    1. Patient Counseling (phone calls, e-mailing, direct visiting, consulting with drug professionals);
    2. Ph1 System (that processes customers’ prescriptions, stores their medical history, and helps find particular information);
    3. Training and Drug Information Center (a database of therapeutic and medical information intended for customers and Health Care Providers) ;
    4. Educational Updates (pieces of professional advice on many medical subjects, recommendations – how to properly use a medicine, etc.)

A team of knowledgeable medical experts works at the company to facilitate the process of choosing and buying the medicine a customer needs when he falls ill.

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What About Delivery?

Pharmacy One Rx has plenty of warehouses and branches where medical products are stored and can be sold to customers. A specially designed Purchasing Department controls the availability of preparations and equipment in all warehouses and branches.

Ph1 System processes tons of information and helps managers make decisions about what to purchase on the basis of demand.

All of your orders are anonymous.


And what about the discount code for pharmacy RX one?

We have a 5% 10% and 15% discount codes for regular and new customers of pharmacy RX one.  Are you a first-time customer? Good, here is the code for MYRXONE save with 9%. Enter it on the checkout page.

Update: read a new post about discount

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