Not Actual – How to get 15% discount at Pharmacy Rx One

This discount does not work anymore!!!  About new discount you can read here 

Important: this discount working only on this domain and correct work in ChromeOpera, Internet Explorer browsers.

It is work on mobile device, but here you need just press back button and press in pop-up window cancel.

It is unusual discount and you don’t need to enter any coupon code. If explain in few words you just try to close site and get pop-up message > press STAY On this Page>Final

Pharmacy Rx One promo

So lets start:

1 Step: go to main shop

2 Step: try to close this page as in pic:

Opera Close tab

3 Step: you will get this pop up message or other one (like on pic) – then just press stay on this page. After it all price will change and discount 15% will apply.

discount at Pharmacy Rx One

For Example:  

Before: Screenshot_29

After: Screenshot_2

Lets see how many you will save with this discount:

on same pack Viagra with 120(+10)pills you will save 60$.





As you can see with 400$ order you can save 60$. Thats not All! Especially for people who read this article to this point. Addition discount 5%. It work with discount 15% so in the end you will save 20%. So apply 15% as on instruction you just read and then enter this discount code EUOFFER on checkout page. Lets Save.

8 thoughts on “Not Actual – How to get 15% discount at Pharmacy Rx One

  1. jason tobey

    hi I order plenty of times but erased my 15% can u send me another one asap need to place and order Thank you.

    1. admin Post author

      hope you get your order. next time try to find on spam folder(gmail always do it)


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