13 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. gregory nett

    how long does it take to get a confirmation and a confirmed order number to check if an order has been filled?

  2. mohammed sabir awan

    hello sir i buy cialis tablets from you and i got call next day some one asking me about my addres and bank card details and some other information.Today when i track my order they showing fraud may i ask you why?i am living 2 cradock road birmingham england b8 1ry.my order id 2324821771506.please reply me.thank you.

  3. greg tinney

    1placed a 258.71 order 2 days ago & still havent got a confirmation e mail whats up with that

  4. greg tinney

    unable to get order placed you people need a phone number where orders can be placed im unable to get my 15% discount & wont order without it


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